Who are we?

About Vintage Mobile

"Old School", yes you can!

Nostalgic of your "Snake" parts on your old Nokia, want to own the famous phone of your youth or to affirm your difference? So you are welcome on this site! Forget your daily life on connected, here it is RETURN TO THE ESSENTIAL! Quite simply.

For the little story ...

Created in 2009, Vintage Mobile is above all an idea on the minds of two friends, Djassem Haddad and Vincent Pages, the one that restores its glory to our good old phones: Motorola StarTAC, Ericsson T29S, Nokia 8800 SIROCCO ... cultissimes! Funny of intention and yet.

While Citroën is reviving the glory to DS and vinyls have never been fashionable among music lovers ... our drawer background to ride this wave nostalgic. Popular enthusiasm at the rendezvous, the Vintage Mobile adventure begins. Since then, we have become completely mobile!

Comeback of vintage vintages

First and foremost, it's a real work on Indiana Jones, to find the models that have marked your minds: the best retro, the creatives with more mythical, group the parts needed for their rehabilitation or find unsold new lots in the depths of Finland!

Repair, unblock and repackage ... Falling into the hands of our specialist and passionate technicians, they are cajoled since the discovery of these remnants telephone until their online sale. Retro yes, but also a responsible commitment and quality.

Opt for the choice! Vintage Mobile is positioned against the current offer and offers phones of all ages, all tastes, all brands (even those disappeared since!) And for all budgets. We offer you the opportunity to find your phones by refurbishing them, while taking care of a retro and fun aestheticism. Modernity and design in all sobriety.

Otherwise, for your ultra-connected moments, we also respond by offering smartphones rigorously selected by our team of passionate, to make full of options and applications. Iphone, Galaxy, Q10 and many more tech jewels are available for you on Vintage Mobile.

Hulls, batteries, chargers, memory cards ... if our offer is one of a kind, we are nevertheless very attentive to your needs. Thus, you will find on this site online, all the associated equipment, whether for your mobiles Vintages or your latest smartphone, to be free to take full advantage of these!

Finally, far from the wake of the major operators who refuse and are unable to repair these devices, Vintage Mobile is involved in strong values, especially in favor of sustainable development. Adopt an ecological approach by recycling these phones often impossible to destroy, in an environmentally friendly way, but also the reuse of still functional products. In addition, remember, if these devices are from another time, they were nonetheless robust (see indestructible) and autonomous! Allow yourself to finally leave your home without your charger thanks to a battery autonomous for several days.

Young or old, passionate about vintage objects, simply fed up with hyper-connectivity or for a little pleasure next door? Join the Vintage Mobile universe.

Just like this concept, show off your singularity!


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